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I rebuke the remarks by Tim Timberman of the Booth & Dimock Memorial Library Board of Trustees. He insolently declared the only reason the citizens voted the library expansion down was due to foolish imprudence. In fact, our votes were thoughtful, objective and educated. He failed to provide any valid evidence for his misinformation assertion. He used faulty logic to explain how the town’s declining debt service means that library expenses would not raise taxes.

Interestingly, he mentioned campaign signs that were placed on state and town right-of-ways. I infer that there was not enough support for the library expansion by private citizens, so they had to resort to this chicanery. Yes, signs were placed adjacently by opponents to the budget. However, these “no” signs did not reference the library. Does Timberman believe he holds a monopoly on utilizing state- and town-owned property for advancing his aims?

The library is not even owned by the town, yet they want town taxpayers to foot the bill for a multimillion-dollar expansion. Timberman and the board have been unamenable to increasing the library’s hours by opening on Mondays. Ignoring this small, feasible request reveals how out of touch they are with the library patrons. Timberman, Coventry Town Council Chairwoman Joan Lewis and Councilman Jon Hand should know I have been a regular patron and proponent of the library for many years. I am well aware of what it offers and what it does not offer.

Linda Blakesley



For the University of Connecticut Republicans to bring a white supremacist to campus under the guise of free speech and public discourse is wrong. For the university’s administration to normalize that with their silence, and subsequent blanket condemnation of the protester and the violent speaker, is wrong.

For the Chronicle to say Catherine Gregory, a UConn alum, should be charged with the same crime as Lucian Wintrich is a false equivalency and appalling. We have a serious problem in our country with hate speech and alternate facts being smoothed over by publications large and small, and while the First Amendment does protect hate speech, it is critical that assertive responses that do not involve bodily harm be protected as well.

It is a celebrated tradition in our nation to act forcefully against injustice. Remember the Boston Tea Party?

I applaud Gregory and I encourage the Chronicle editors to review American history.

Stephanie Smith



We have reached a defining moment in our history and our survival as a republic may depend on how we respond. It now looks as if Republicans may very well enact a sweeping tax reform bill that will transform life for virtually everyone — and not for the better.

Most Americans will see their taxes go up, since cuts for the lower and middle classes are set to expire over the next decade. In the meantime, the spoils gained by the wealthy will end up in stock portfolios and overseas shelters, while investment and job growth will be minimal. The changes in deductions will be devastating, affecting millions of homeowners, families with children, the housing industry, those with high medical expenses and students dependent on loans to complete their education. Additionally, millions will lose their health insurance or see premiums rise, while the elderly could see automatic Medicare cuts to the amount of $25 billion annually. If all this is not enough, the ballooning debt will likely force the government to slash social programs and borrow billions. Interest rates will sore, purchasing power will diminish and the result will be recession. This is a reckless path and this, America, is where we are headed if the GOP has its way.

However, there is still time to stop this train wreck from happening: call your senators and representatives, visit their offices, join a resistance organization and become active, write to your local newspaper, attend town halls and make connections, and most of all keep informed and get passionate.

Our future and the future of our children hang in the balance and the outcome depends upon our courage to act before it’s too late.

John Knudsen



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