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Make an impact by pledging donation

Remember 2011?

That was the year we saw two blizzards packing more than 25 inches of snow, a devastating tropical storm and then a Halloween snowstorm that took weeks to clean up after.

Power was out for days, if not weeks, for some of us. We were miserable.

And, it all happened in a span of 10 months in a horrible weather year.

Well, folks in Texas and Florida, right now, would kill to have our 2011 troubles.

We New Englanders may like to talk about the weather and claim it is frequently bad, but — good heavens — look what has happened down south as summer has winded down.

Two epic hurricanes, within a couple of weeks of each other, have devastated portions of our country in the worst manner since recorded history.

That’s not hyperbole. That’s the truth.

Visions of what happened to the Houston area are enough to make all of us feel foolish when we have to mop up puddles in our basement after a severe storm.

And to see America’s vacation paradise ravaged by Irma’s ire makes us feel grateful when we have to shovel and few inches off our driveways.

Now the cleanup begins. The road to recovery starts.

And they need our help.

Short of local emergency workers and volunteers heading south to comfort and aid the victims, most of us won’t be seeing the Gulf Coast or Florida anytime soon.

But we can all make an impact with the click of a mouse, the sending of a check or just pledging a few dollars.

Locally, the Windham Town Council has begun a collection drive, originally for Harvey victims in Texas, but then for those impacted by Irma.

Many of us have simply donated to the American Red Cross, the major organization that heads to disasters when most are leaving.

Log on to, read on and then make a pledge. Every little bit helps.

No doubt, we will all see signs, Facebook posts and news releases for various civic group collection drives. In the past, the scouts and school groups have always stepped up.

In short, times like these bring out the best in all of us and we usually come together during times of trial and tribulation.

Don’t be shy about helping out. Someday, it could be us who needs it.

During this period of political unrest and division, the common goal of helping our fellow man is a positive byproduct of Mother Nature’s wrath.

May we stay unified long after the storm clouds have passed.

And, may it never take tempests like Harvey and Irma to make us unified again.


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